Project Updates

There is always something either being built, maintained, expanded, or planned. Check here for project updates!

Track reorganization project began the summer of 2020! Our fencing/building project will run over the next couple of years to turn our two tracks and one front pen into 4 large front temporary/medical turnouts with 12x24 shelters and 5 nearly 1/4 mile long tracks each with a large shelter! Check back for photos of our progress!

Completed! In the spring 2020 Angela began experimenting with growing microgreens!  Attending farmer's markets at the end of last summer and deliveries during the winter of 2020-2021 were a fun learning experience (with some tears of course, lol)! She liked it so much and eating them made her feel so good that she convinced her husband to remodel nearly 500 sq. ft. of unused basement space into a planting, growing, and harvesting area!  Business is growing steady and we were able to move into the new space in February 2021.  See our New Leaf Farm-Microgreens facebook page for a video tour of the new space!

Project ponies and horses! We have purchased two ponies and a horse for our lesson program and after they have been settled and tuned up we will be rotating them into our growing lesson program. Welcome Shorty, Polly, and Maggie!