The New Leaf Farm property has been in the family since 1968 when Wendell and Muriel Brown purchased the property to raise their 4 children here.  They kept a small herd of dairy cattle to help pay the bills (they were both nurses) and also had a variety of other animals including chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, goats, and sheep.  


Horses did not enter the property until a horse crazy grandchild came into the picture.

Muriel found an Arabian horse for free in the local paper, a mare who was not rideable but equine in nature which is all that mattered to her granddaughter! This mare was eventually bred and produced an Arabian mare named Omarez (Princess) who was owned and ridden by Angela for 25 years. 


Horses have come and gone off the property since that first day in 1987 frequently and Muriel built the main 4 stall horse barn in 1991.  The attached back hay shed (now cross ties and lounge) and shelter (now boarder tack room) were built a few years later.


In 2001 Muriel and Wendell’s health started to fail and their daughter and son-in-law Carol and Terry purchased the property to run the assisted living facility that was operating in the house at the time.  In 2002 Angela moved closer to become the office manager and help expand the business.  Then in 2011 Patrick and Angela purchased the property from Carol and Terry so they could continue the transformation they had begun to turn the property into a horse farm.  New Leaf Farm opened for business in 2014 and Angela and Patrick moved into the house on the property after the assisted living business closed and the house was remodeled.  In the winter of 2015 the business nearly doubled with the addition of many boarders and a new instructor. 


Patrick and Angela Castleberg plan to grow and expand New Leaf Farm into a place people can come to relax, unwind, and de-stress as well as exercise, learn, and grow as an individual and in their partnership with their horses.