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How We Grow Them (Ready to order? Fill out our Online  Order Form Here!)

Seeds: We start with non-GMO or organic seed from a company that sells high quality seeds specifically for microgreens.


Soil: We only use high quality potting soil mixes with no chemicals, sanitized and recommended for microgreens. 

Water: We use our own tested well water (no city chlorinated water)

Trays: We use non-BPA food grade recyclable and reusable made in the USA high quality plastic trays and we wash and sanitize them between every use.

Growing: Seeds are started in the dark for 3-4 days then grown another 4-7 days under lights in our dedicated growing room with temperature and humidity control as well as fan ventilation 24/7. Seeds are carefully cared for/checked 2x per day throughout their growing cycle of 8-10 days. NEVER are any chemicals or sprays used on our microgreens at any time during the growing cycle or harvesting. The greens are only exposed to clean gloved hands, clean trays, clean soil, clean water, sanitized harvesting equipment, and clean packaging only.

Harvest: Harvesting is done 2x per week during the market season and 1x per week during weekly off season deliveries.  Surfaces are sanitized, equipment is clean, and all harvesters have hair tied back/hairnets, washed hands, gloves, and clean aprons. Scales are zeroed out with packaging material so you get the full weight of your greens. Greens are put into either a refrigerator or cooler ASAP after harvesting and most varieties are rinsed with cold water and fan dried to remove hulls and soil and increase shelf life. Greens are wrapped in a bleach-free paper towel to collect excess moisture.


We do everything possible to get you the freshest/cleanest greens we possibly can and guarantee them to last 7-10 days (some varieties will last longer with careful care).

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